A collection of stories about our design process, project updates, workshops, publications and events we’ve hosted or joined.

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Communicating global health research priorities

April 2022: The James Lind Alliance was established in 2004 to enable the end users of health research – patients,…read more arrow

The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine – Identity and brand strategy

April 2022: We are pleased to be working with one of the world’s leading professional membership organisations dedicated to the…read more arrow

Sexual Health Self Test – National STI testing service for Scotland

March 2022: We’re working with a great team at NHS Sexual Health Services across Scotland and with accessible social research agency…read more arrow

NeoBrain – Online resource for families with newborns affected by brain injury

March 2022: Following our work on Metabolight with Dr Subhabrata Mitra and the neonatal team at UCL’s EGA Institute for…read more arrow

Group clinic futures

March 2022: We’re continuing our collaboration with Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at University of Oxford, now with…read more arrow

Communicating global health research priorities

March 2022: In 2004, the James Lind Alliance was established to enable the end users of health research – patients,…read more arrow

Reimagining pain care for our NHS

February 2022: We are collaborating with Dr Jackie Walumbe, a doctoral research fellow in global public health at the University…read more arrow

Physio by video?

January 2022: We’re continuing our collaboration with Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at University of Oxford to help…read more arrow

A fortieth anniversary video for the MPS Society

December 2021: Following on from our work to develop three animations about rare MPS diseases for the MPS Society, we’ve…read more arrow

Cultural Evolution Society graphic identity

December 2021 : As part of our work with the Cultural Evolution Society, we have been developing its new graphic identity…read more arrow

Cultural Evolution Society’s Transformation Fund

December 2021 : We’re excited to announce that the Cultural Evolution Society’s Transformation fund website and grant portal is now live…read more arrow

A practical guide for healthcare professionals

Oct 2021 : We are working on a new project with NHS England and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences…read more arrow

We shape our buildings and then our buildings shape us

July 2021 : We are working with the Cultural Evolution Society to help communicate research on how human and other animal…read more arrow

Helping people to choose the best way to consult with their GP Practice

June 2021 : We’re working with Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at University of Oxford and the University of…read more arrow

Will we breathe fresh air again? The magic of MOFs

May 2021 : We’ve been learning about the impressive air cleaning properties of metal organic frameworks (MOFs for short), and we…read more arrow

Merging Mind and Machine

April 2021 : We’re excited to be working with the Next Generation Neural Interfaces Lab at Imperial College to develop a…read more arrow

Innovating for Growth

March 2021 : We’ve been selected to join the British Library Innovating for Growth programme which has been funded by the…read more arrow

Fabry disease animation video – patient and clinician online workshop

March 2021 : We held a workshop with the MPS society for people with Fabry and medical specialists to understand more…read more arrow

A talk with colleagues at City University and the Centre for Health Innovation Research

March 2021 : We had a great discussion with researchers from City University and Bayes Business School on ‘Pathways to Impact’…read more arrow

A talk with colleagues from UCL and the Royal College of Art

March 2021: Anne Odling-Smee took part in a two day workshop at UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience to discuss the…read more arrow

Sayana Press – a video to help women use their contraceptive injection

January 2021: We are working with the Contraception and Sexual Health (iCash) team at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust to develop a video to…read more arrow

Helping patients get the most out of their NHS consultation with the University of Oxford

January 2021 : Following on from our work to support video consulting with your NHS, we’re pleased to be working with…read more arrow

Videos for the Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases to communicate rare diseases

January 2021 : We’re delighted to be working with the marketing and communication team at the MPS Society to help them…read more arrow

Long Covid data communication with City University’s Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research

December 2020: We are collaborating with City University’s Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research to help to link underlying Long Covid research to…read more arrow

Tiny Test Tubes Innovate UK Monitoring Officer review

November 2020 : We have completed our final review of our Tiny Test Tube project, working with University of Reading, Capillary…read more arrow

MRI and Pacemakers – go together like Tom and Jerry!

November 2020 : Did you know that people with pacemakers and other devices are fifty times less likely to be offered…read more arrow

Video consulting with your NHS

November 2020 : Following on from our successful animation and communication project supporting Barts Health and the University of Oxford, we’re…read more arrow

Video consulting with your NHS resources translated to nine languages

October 2020 : Our popular NHS video consulting PDF resources produced with Sara Shaw’s team at the University of Oxford are…read more arrow

Designing an HIV self-testing service for young people in Zambia

September 2020: We are working with a team from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the Centre for Infectious…read more arrow

Winton Centre’s Real Risk goes live

October 2020: The Real Risk service that we designed with University of Cambridge’s Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication…read more arrow

Brand and communication design for Dunhill Medical Trust

August 2020 : We’ve been working with the Director and Trustees at Dunhill Medical Trust to reimagine their brand and help…read more arrow

Working with the University of Amsterdam on Neighbourhood Social Cohesion

August 2020: We’re collaborating with Josefien Breedvelt and the research team at The Centre for Urban Mental Health at the…read more arrow

Inspiring Science Fund with Wellcome

Since July: 2019 Design Science’s Anne Odling-Smee has been working with Wellcome as project monitor for Techniquest (Cardiff) and We the Curious (Bristol), two…read more arrow

‘Video consulting with your NHS’ co-design workshops

January 2020 : We are working with Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences and Barts Health NHS Trust to create a video animation and…read more arrow

Designing a mobile testing kit to reduce anti-microbial infection in cattle farms in rural India

August 2020 : We are part of a team including veterinary scientists and microbiologists at the University of Reading who won…read more arrow

Covid-19 ‘thank you’ badges for NHS staff and key workers

May 2020 : Camden-based journalist Martin Plaut invited us to design a badge to thank ‘not just the NHS staff, but the posties, the delivery…read more arrow

Communicating air pollution – workshop with Imperial College London

November 2019: We are running a series of co-design workshops in collaboration with an environmental policy research team at Imperial…read more arrow

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust poster design workshop

October 2016 : We collaborated with Royal College of Art Service Design tutor Dan Phillips to run a workshop for Imperial College Healthcare Trust (ICHT), aimed at…read more arrow

Launch of Science Gallery London – blog for the British Council

November 2016 : Review by Anne Odling-Smee, following an invitation by the British Council to participate at Ireland’s first science communication…read more arrow

Fest Design Science – conference at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

December 2016 : Design Science Director, Anne Odling-Smee, gave a joint presentation with physician and DS Associate Dr David Pao, at Poland’s first design…read more arrow

Design Science presents at Ireland’s first SCI:COM conference

Octo 2015: Design Science’s Anne Odling-Smee was invited by the British Council to participate in Ireland’s first science communication conference, SCI:COM. SCI:COM is an event…read more arrow

Think (in) Visual Communication conference, Warsaw

December 2015 : Design Science Director, Anne Odling-Smee, was funded by the British Council to participate in the conference Think (in) Visual Communication at Warsaw’s Centrum Nauki…read more arrow

Central Saint Martins science communication workshop

November 2014 : Design Science Director and CSM Lecturer Anne Odling-Smee was joined by DS Associate Ed Prosser to run a…read more arrow

Design workshops for Cheltenham Science Festival, LSHTM and Imperial College London

March 2014 : We hosted a series of workshops funded by the Wellcome Trust, aimed at providing basic design training for scientists…read more arrow

Panel discussion at the British Library: ‘Visualisation: Is ugly the new smart?’

March 2014 : Design Science’s Anne Odling-Smee joined a panel discussion called Digital Conversations: A digital curator team evening talk series. The…read more arrow

British Science Association Science Communication Conference 2014

May 2014 : Design Science participated in a panel discussion at the session titled The role of design in science communication at the British…read more arrow

Wellcome Trust Hub Award shortlist

February 2014 : We have been shortlisted as finalists for The Hub Award with project partners the London School of Hygiene…read more arrow

Article for Litmus Paper, Cheltenham Science Festival 2013

June 2013 : Design Science’s Anne Odling-Smee and Phillip Kent explain how Design Science is working with scientists and engineers to improve understanding of…read more arrow

Strictly Engineering – Design workshop for engineers at the British Science Association

June 2012: Strictly Engineering is the first of a new public engagement series for engineers run by the British Science Association (BSA). The…read more arrow

Litmus Paper published at Cheltenham Festivals

July 2012: With support from the British Library we have produced a brand new edition of Litmus Paper, Cheltenham Science Festival’s daily publication…read more arrow

Questioning art-science collaborations: Live debate at Imperial College London

June 2012: Design Science’s Anne Odling-Smee was part of a live panel discussion at Imperial College London organised by molecular biologist, Dr…read more arrow

Science and design: parallel processes? Live debate at Central Saint Martins

March 2012: Our second live debate was supported by the National Centre for Research Methods. We invited a panel of…read more arrow

The Linnean Society Christmas Lecture by Anne Odling-Smee

December 2011: Design Science’s Anne Odling-Smee addressed a predominantly biology-orientated audience at the Linnean Society’s 2011 Christmas lecture with her talk, How can…read more arrow

Design Science launches at London’s Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons

November 2011: Design Science hosted its launch event in style at London’s Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. A…read more arrow