Imagining the future of community placemaking and transport planning with the Royal College of Art

We are collaborating with the Royal College of Art’s Intelligent Mobility Design Centre to reimagine how communities across England might engage in placemaking and sustainable transport planning.

What we did

As communication design lead, we helped the team of mobility, service and architectural design researchers to develop a strong and adaptable visual identity that can be used across a variety of towns and touch points. We also supported the development of a prototype toolkit and communication system that was launched at Transport Planning Day in November 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the current fragility of our interconnected world; from the importance of our local communities to the impacts on global trade, jobs and our natural environment.”

Prototype toolkit

We created the toolkit as a way to help bring people together – to talk about the things that matter in their town, and to see how we can build on each other’s knowledge and on the ideas that are happening across the UK and around the world.

The visualisations by the Royal College of Art design team incorporated the modular system of our identity.

The toolkit includes map-making and street-view tools, and a proposal for augmented reality tools enabling people to see what changes to their streets might look like on their mobile phones, laptops or tablets.


The project has been featured in local press and via the project partners including the Transport Planning Society and the ITP

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of Design Science’s ethos and expertise. We would be delighted to hear how we can help you to radically reimagine the future in ways that care for each other and the environment that we share.