Communicating air pollution – workshop with Imperial College London

November 2019

We are running a series of co-design workshops in collaboration with an environmental policy research team at Imperial College London, led by postgraduate researcher Rosie Riley.

Our aim is to engage a diverse group of non specialists to help produce easy to understand information to motivate action on air quality. 


The first phase of the project involves a co-design workshop to enable us to connect with members of the local community and involve them in our design process. 

In Workshop 1, local residents from the London borough of Camden were invited to a 2 hour session at Kentish Town Community Centre to explorehow they think and feel about air quality.

We recruited participants through local networks, social media, printed posters and flyers, and at Camden’s Pop-up Think & Do community space for climate and eco action

Participants were asked to respond to an online questionnaire before the workshop.

The design was inspired by Saul Bass’s film posters

Co-design workshop

Working with Rosie and her team, we prepared worksheets for our group of 40 participants to engage with and respond to during the workshop.

We then recorded feedback from workshops, identifying the different demographic groups and organising the results. We will convert these results into a design proposal aimed at raising awareness and encouraging behaviour change.


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