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Animated data visualisation of HIV medicine adherence for Spoonful of Sugar

15 February 2017

As part of our ongoing design work with UCL spin-out company, Spoonful of Sugar (SoS), we created two animated gifs showing patient’s adherence to medicine for use on their blog.


The first visualises data showing how HIV patients taking medications to manage their conditions long-term tend to show different attitudes over time. Visualising the raw data in this way revealed new insights even to SoS’s own experts, showing the power of visual data.


The second, shows one of SoS’s key frameworks, the Necessity beliefs and Concerns Framework (NCF™). This two-dimensional spatial representation maps patient’s concerns into four quadrants, each representing one of four states measuring Necessity beliefs verse Concerns (Sceptical: low, high; Ambivalent: high, high; Indifferent: low, low; Accepting: high, low) based on their answers to SoS’s Beliefs about Medication Questionnaire (BMQ™). This framework is the basis for the HIV visualisation.


Animated graph of HIV patient’s adherence to medication


SoS’s ‘Necessity beliefs and Concerns Framework’ (NCF™)