1–7 July: Metabolight exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition

Open now until Sunday 7 July! 
Come and experience the installation we produced for UCL’s MetaboLight team of engineers, scientists and doctors for the 2019 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Listen to Claudia Hammond’s BBC World Service interview recorded live at the Royal Society: Lighting the brain after birth’ – The infra-red device that can detect brain damage within minutes of a baby being born.

In addition to our original Ikea table interactive exhibit, UCL managed to secure a 3 square metre room alongside the Royal Society’s anteroom where we installed a simulated neonatal intensive care unit for visitors to experience the technology in its hospital context. 

“An absolute pleasure to work with the Design Science team and Anne. I and the MetaboLight team learned a lot and I am very proud of what we have achieved.”

– Ilias Tachtsidis, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Reader in Biomedical Engineering


Engineering IKEA!

We designed the interactive part of the exhibit in 2017. It appeared at Norwich Science Fair in 2017 and The Big Bang Fair in 2018. The piece includes an integrated demonstration space with interchangeable elements for information and animations, area to display interactive equipment and a tall, internally lit beacon situated above the display to draw attention.

Our cost effective solution for the portable exhibit involved customising £5 Ikea Lack side tables. It was featured on Ikea Hackers.

Simulating a neonatal intensive care unit 

We conducted a survey and photoshoot at UCLH in consultation with clinician Subhabrata Mitra, to capture the look and feel of the unit and to provide us with an accurate record of each of the pieces of equipment we needed to present within our exhibit.

Illustrated graphics

We worked with illustrator Giulia de Amicis to create the final vectorised artwork backdrop, adding photographs of real screens to add into the monitors.