Sayana Press – a video to help women use their contraceptive injection

We worked with the Contraception and Sexual Health (iCaSH) team at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust to develop a video to help women use a contraceptive injection kit called Sayana Press

The video is the third in a series we’ve produced. It builds on work we did with Dr David Pao around IUDs and implants at SHiP (Sexual Health in Plymouth), whose brand identity, website and home testing kits we also designed

David is not only a practising doctor with a clinical research MD from University College London, but is also undertaking a PhD-by-practice in Innovation Design at the Royal College of Art and a Design Science Associate too. 

We are pleased that both NHS Services are sharing each other’s commissioned videos ensuring wider access of all three resources for all.

Videos in situ at iCaSH NHS
Videos in situ at SHiP NHS 

Illustrations by Giulia De Amicis 
Animation by Greg Haworth

Other videos in the series:
Having an implant fitted

‘The animation always gets positive feedback from our patients… It has enabled us to offer a ‘one stop shop’, cutting physical clinic visits from two to one for each implant ‘fit’.’

Dr David Pao, NHS Consultant


Having a IUD or IUS contraception fitted