Michelle Borda

Michelle has over ten years of experience in strategic planning and now works developing programmes that stimulate children’s creative thinking.

She has a Master’s degree in the Psychology of Creativity and has completed several vocational courses, including ‘Learning about Design Thinking’ at DSchool, Stanford University, and ‘Neuroscience of Early Childhood’ at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

She has worked at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco and has been a communication consultant and storytelling moderator at the Peruvian children’s education organisation ¡Pasala!. She is also the founder of the first children’s film festival in Peru, Mi Primer Festival.

Michelle currently lives in London and works as a consultant for educational, cultural and social projects. She is collaborating with The Maker Cart project, a pop-up making space for schools and libraries, and has recently started working with the Institute of Imagination, running workshops for children.