Kat Arney

Kat Arney is an award-winning science writer, broadcaster and public speaker, and is the founder and Creative Director of science communications and media consultancy First Create The Media. She is the author of Rebel Cell: Cancer, evolution and the science of life (W&N, 2020), How to Code a Human (Andre Deutsch, 2017) and the critically acclaimed Herding Hemingway’s Cats: Understanding how our genes work (Bloomsbury Sigma, 2016).

Kat has spent more than 15 years working in science journalism and communication. She was a key part of the science communications team at Cancer Research UK for more than a decade, co-founding the charity’s award-winning Science Blog, and acting as a principal national and international media spokesperson.

Kat also presents the popular Genetics Unzipped podcast for The Genetics Society and has fronted several BBC Radio 4 science documentaries.

First Create the Media