Metabolight brand identity and public engagement programme

In 2017 the Wellcome Trust funded a public engagement project to communicate new research by UCL’s Dept of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, researching medical applications of near-infrared spectroscopy.

The MetaboLight project is about the development of a new, light based technique to help diagnose brain injuries in newborn babies.

We worked with the team to come up with a project name and produced the visual identity and printed magazine also available online.

The logo

We helped pick a name for the project and team that would communicate their research area and still be accessible to younger audiences.

The logo – based on a super-simplified schematic image of a brain – can adapt to different contexts, appearing in single colour or as a virtual or actual 3D ‘stencil’ with light or other imagery shining through, or in.

Applications of the brand

The logo and brand works in other contexts, including t-shirts, badges, the exhibit, as well as print material we designed.

Website design

We designed the website to:
– showcase the research in language catered to non-specialists
– provide a context for the film and other resources
– record our public engagement process.

Alongside the structural design and programming, we created the content through copy writing, illustrations, animations and specially commissioned photo-shoots at UCL and UCLH.

Visit the website here.