Hand Hygiene campaign for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Imperial College Healthcare Trust (ICHT) is a London-based NHS Trust. It is one of the largest NHS Trusts in England.

We were invited by epidemiologist Jon Otter at ICHT’s Infection Prevention and Control Department to design and implement a campaign to encourage hand washing by nursing staff across the Trust’s five London hospitals. The outcome is a series of posters and stickers which work across their 120 clinical areas.

What we did

Following a clearly communicated project briefing, we were inspired to have the idea of adopting pop culture lyrics to create engaging signs positioned next to hand hygiene dispensers and washing stations to make hand hygiene less of a chore.


We held a co-design workshop with nursing staff from the Trust. This led to us creating an outcome that was tailored to the specific needs and mindsets of the nurses.

Multiple applications

The messages are adaptable across the different hospital contexts. 


“Staff can’t resist our new Hand Hygiene posters!”

“Loving it! “Never gonna give you up” next to the alcohol dispenser?”

“Beats car wash. Love them.” 

Our solution

The previous hand hygiene signage was typically inconspicuous, complex or aggressive. These factors all contributed towards a lack of effective communication. We addressed each of the problems through our use of conspicuous fluorescent colour, simplified messages and a sense of playfulness.


ICHT ran a celebration and shared learning event at which Anne was invited to present our design story. The event was chaired by Jon Otter and including speakers Clinical Director Martin Kiernan and Health Research Manager Darshan Patel.