Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust poster design workshop

Design Science collaborated with Royal College of Art Service Design tutor Dan Phillips to run a workshop for Imperial College Healthcare Trust (ICHT), aimed at helping doctors communicate their work to other doctors and specialists via visual mediums.

The workshop was part of ICHT’s Improvement Week with doctors working together in small teams designing posters by hand, that would both communicate to their chosen audience and reflect ICHT’s values.


“A great session” – Dr Christine Hall, Doctor and Pharmacist

“Why we need design thinking in healthcare; a great poster design workshop” – Hadjer Nacer, Pharmacist and Researcher

“A very well planned and balanced session” – Michelle Hope, Nurse

Our Saul Bass-inspired poster attracted a fully booked event

Anne Odling-Smee (left), workshop participant (centre) and Dan Phillips (right)

Our pre-workshop presentation

We stipulated computer-free design resources to encourage instinctive creative thinking

Each group presented rough visuals to communicate their concepts