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Medicines Management design programme for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

1 September 2018

Following a Sprint Workshop with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, we were selected as the design team to work on the Medicines Management programme. The work involved designing communication materials to work across 300 wards at St Mary’s and Hammersmith Hospitals.


Outputs so far

We began with addressing the fridge temperature recording. We designed friendly stickers to remind and incentivise nurses.


We redesigned the temperature record sheets using visuals related to our redesigned algorithm (see below), ensuring sufficient space for form filling and providing tick boxes rather than spaces for writing more time consuming sentences.



We transformed the instruction text part of the existing temperature recording form into a colourful algorithm which relates directly to the form, visually and logically.



We got our heads around the existing CD disposal algorithms previously used by the Trust to design this simpler, up to date, icon-reinforced replacement.



We simplified the existing roles and responsibilities word document by incorporating icons and tick boxes.





We designed a work mark to unify all the design outputs within the programme.


Design process 




An intensive, 9 hour Sprint workshop day kick started the design process. The Sprint included nurses, pharmacists, quality improvement teams, designers and other healthcare professionals.



Design Science worked with the Medicines Management team. We brainstormed reams of ideas and learned huge amounts about each others’ practices, behaviours and working processes.



We shared our progress with an audience of 90 healthcare professionals at a Hammersmith Hospital Leadership meeting in June 2018.



The materials were launched at Hammersmith Hospital in September 2018 and were received positively.