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  • Conference website Anne Odling-Smee speaks at science communication conference, Ireland


  • An international conference exploring the broad field of: 'intellectual processes behind visual language, theoretical and experimental methods of graphic design problem-solving, teaching thinking in design and creative processing'. Anne Odling-Smee speaks at international design conference, Warsaw

    Copernicus Science Centre

  • Science Communication Conference 2014 Science Communication Conference 2014
  • Beautiful Science exhibition at the British Library Data Visualisation: Is ugly the new smart?

    A panel discussion at the British Library

  • Art/Design/Science Debate at Imperial College London 'Beautiful Science' debate at Imperial College: Questioning art-science collaborations

    Live panel discussion at Imperial College London organised by 'Beautiful Science'

  • Science Communication Conference 2014

    1–2 May 2014

    DesignScience have just spoken at the ‘DISCUSS IT’ session entitled, The role of design in science communication at this year’s British Science Communication SciComm conference.

    DesignScience’s Anne Odling-Smee and Lizzie Crouch spoke alongside Ellen Dowell (Imperial College, University of Surrey) and Andrew Friend (Designer)

    Other speakers at the Conference included:
    David Spiegelhalter, University of Cambridge; Timandra Harkness, writer; Emily Dawson, King’s College London; Greg Foot, science presenter; Ed Yong, writer; Simon Watt, science communicator; Joanne Hodges, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; Linda Conlan, Centre for Life; John Wormersley, Science & Technology Facilities Council; Sir Mark Walport, Chief Government Advisor; Steve Cross, UCL; Patrick Regan, University of Surrey; Lisa Jamieson, Wellcome Trust and Jim Al-Khalili, University of Surrey

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    Science Communication Conference 2014

    Science Communication Conference 2014