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Visualisation: Is ugly the new smart?

27 February 2014

Anne Odling-Smee, Design Science Director, featured on the panel for Digital Conversations: A Digital Curator Team Evening Talk Series, a talk coinciding with the Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight exhibition at the British Library. The exhibition will examine the place of beauty within conveying complex information.


The talk was chaired by Dr Stephen Webster (Director of the Science Communication Group, Imperial College London) and other panel members included Professor Clive Cazeaux (Professor of Aesthetics, Cardiff School of Art and Design) and Toby Sturt (Head of Creative, Guardian Digital Agency).





Panelists, left to right: Stephen Webster (Chair), Anne Odling-Smee, Toby Sturt, Clive Cazeaux


Anne Odling-Smee critisises data visualisations that prioritise appearance over effective communication of content